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I’m an experienced Massage Therapist in 30A, Florida and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align patients and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. I offer therapeutic and relaxing massage.

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What is bodywork?

Bodywork is a general term that refers to the manual manipulation of muscular and connective tissue in the body in order to alleviate pain and restore function. Bodywork is similar to massage, however massage is generally associated with more of a relaxing experience where you can fall asleep, as it may not be a necessity to be an active participant during the session. This differs from the type of bodywork Joe specializes in. During one of his sessions, there may be moments where you will be asked to produce a certain movement while he holds a compression.  This is done with the intention of bringing awareness to the client, creating space in the body, and bringing more fluidity to the fascial network. Over time and especially with poor movement patterns/ poor posture, the fascia throughout our bodies can become dry and stuck together.  The goal of the session will be to bring more fluidity to the fascia so that you can get moving and feeling better again. This is not to say that bodywork isn’t relaxing; it just may not mimic the same exact feeling you get with massage.

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House calls. Please allow a few hours' notice before booking. Available Mon-Sat 9-7.

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As a Figure Bodybuilder athlete, I have worked with Joe doing sports massage using deep tissue & cupping of the fascia in order to promote muscle growth in specific muscle areas on the body as well as working out knots and tightness to alleviate pain. Joe is so knowledgeable and passionate about massage and that really comes through during the service experience. It is honestly the best sports massage I’ve ever had and look forward to working with him regularly in preparation for upcoming bodybuilding shows.

Angela Perkins

I can attest that Joe knows what he is doing. I had issues with my range of motion in my shoulder from a lifting injury. I was unable to lift my arm passed 180 degrees. We worked three sessions and targeted that area. Afterwards, I was able to have my old life back! I was in the gym lifting overhead with no problems. Joe is the real deal!! Highly recommend.

Adam Webb

Excellent experience!! Joe is very professional and thorough. Nice environment and wonderful service. I just wanted to fall asleep!

Mary Jan Bossert

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Hello, my name is Joe Hetrick! Massage and bodywork is my passion. I specialize in therapeutic massage. I incorporate modalities such as neuromuscular, myofascial release, cupping therapy and reflexology. I focus on my clients needs and cater the massage to each individual.

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.


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